Middle School Is Monstrous

Welcome to Areters Academy

Autumn is your typical seventh grader, if your typical seventh grader had the Grim Reaper for a dad and a vegetarian werewolf for a best friend. Areters Academy is an exclusive school for monsters, and it’s the first school Autumn has ever attended where she’s not quite so scared about being the Reaper’s daughter, even if the ghouls in pre-algebra hate her half-human guts. But when a staff member dies and loses his soul, everyone starts to wonder if Autumn might be more like her father than she thinks.

Autumn is determined to find the lost soul and return it for reaping before anyone else gets hurt. But it’s hard to stay focused when your principal is a horde demon and the friendly neighborhood pukwudgie wants to eat you. And when Autumn’s dad disappears, Autumn and her friends will need to figure out who’s behind it all, or a monstrous middle school will be the least of her problems.