Make Time for Kindness

After listening to this heart-warming story on the radio about this viral video, it made me do some introspection.

Most Decembers find me busy, but never too busy to do something kind for others. But this year, the holidays have snuck up on me. Instead of having gift cards ready for teachers and postal workers, I can barely find time to buy gifts for my own kids. Instead of baking Christmas cookies with my daughter or playing with my son, I find I’m behind on editorial work.

But I don’t have to choose work and a frantic pace this month, or any month. I can choose to slow down. I can choose to be kind. I can let in the car in front of me in traffic. I can take a much-needed break to bake with my daughter or throw a ball to my son. I can take the little I have to bless other people. Isn’t that what the holiday season is supposed to be about?

So, a HUGE shout out to the family who shared their video and inspired so many of us to slow down, to breathe, to consider ways of making someone’s day special this holiday season. There’s no better feeling than paying it forward.

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