Slowly but surely…

Writing the first draft of a novel is sometimes exhilarating and sometimes tedious. After losing my Scrivener files for Middle School is Monstrous, I’ve been trying to resurrect my notes for the sequel. As of a few days ago, I finally found myself plotting out the first few chapters (again), but this time with more details.

Some of the chapter titles came easily. I remembered the title of chapter one for sure. The others? Not so much.

I’m almost at the 10K mark, which is where I find I’m either well on my way in terms of fleshing out the story waiting to be told, or I’m completely off-base and have to start afresh. I’m not sure why it’s always 10,000 words, but regardless of genre, that’s what I’ve found for me. Once I hit that magic 10K number, I usually know I have the bones of a story I can tell.

For any writers out there, do you find there’s a point in your story where you know you can finish it?

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