When Nights Give You Barking Dogs…

I’m a amusement park addict, a thrill ride junkie. This means that at least one time per summer I plot to whisk my tech-obsessed tweens and grumbling husband to a theme park. This year it’s Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.

I found a hotel for cheap, meaning less than $75 a night, but I neglected to ask about their pet policy. Being allergic to life, this is something I really should have done. It only took one night with my fur allergies flaring and two dogs barking at 3am, to drag my weary family into our old standby hotel: a Country Inn and Suites.

I can’t recommend these hotels enough. Granted, it will cost a bit more than $75 a night, but every time I walk into one of their libraries, I feel peace flood my soul.

This is how you do hotel living. Between amusement park visits, that is. 😉

What are some wonderful surprises, or necessities, you’ve found in hotels?

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