Chef Ed Hardy Teaches Me to Poach an Egg

I love runny eggs. And ever since Benedict Cumberbatch mocked Americans for not being able to poach an egg, I became determined to learn.

Enter my friend and big brother from UVA, chef Ed Hardy. In five minutes, he taught me the secret to poaching an egg.

And here it is:

– eggs, room temperature (this ensures the yolk will be warm when done)

– lemon juice

– salted water

Bring salted water to a simmer.

Add about a tablespoon of lemon juice, and then stir 5 times right before cracking an egg into the water

Check egg after about a minute to see if the egg whites are set (jiggly but not super jiggly). Once set, remove from pot.

Now you can poach an egg for Benedict Cumberbatch.

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