Shout out to my critique partner

Writing may be a solitary activity, but revision is not. For every 1000 words I write, you can bet there will be *at least* 2000 in revising and editing.

Yesterday I came up with a fantastic idea for how to raise the stakes for my protagonist in my current WIP (Work in Progress). Was the idea solid? It would require a major rewrite. Not a problem, but also not something I’d want to attempt until I knew for sure the changes would make the entire story better.

And this is where my awesome critique partner comes in. Bill and I met through our local fiction writers’ group, the only two souls who wrote mysteries at the time. We formed a collaborative bond forged over Starbucks coffee and spiced with good suggestions and brutal honesty. He was gracious enough to meet me today and go over my ideas. He asked a lot of questions, prodding the details until we were both certain the changes would make the story better. And once that happened, I was off to begin new rewrites for my WIP.

A good critique partner, one who will be honest when you need them to be and cheer you on when you crave kudos, is something every author needs. So, thank you Bill. You’re awesome!

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