Being Mediocre?

At my writer’s group meeting last night, a fellow writer shared yet another amazing book on the craft of writing I couldn’t wait to buy. The tagline read something like “How To Be a Best-Selling Author.”

To which someone joked, “Where are those ‘How To Write’ books that give you advice for being just mediocre, or a mediocre selling author?”

We had a good laugh before starting our meeting, but it got me thinking. While no one wants to be a mediocre writer, every writer I know would be happy to have even mediocre sales. We just love writing and want to share our stories with the world. Getting paid to do that is just icing on the creative cake.

So for anyone out there who writes self-help books for writers, please consider this one: “How To Be a Successful Mid-List Author.” You have a few buyers already!

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