I’m Going to Break Up With Self-Doubt Today

Today I heard something so profound (at least to me) I wanted to share: “Break Up with Self-Doubt.”

I don’t know why this floored me. I guess I’d never thought about negative emotions as something I would need to purposefully break up with, like it’s a bad relationship. But negative emotions can be far more devastating than any toxic relationship because those negative emotions live on the inside of you. And if you don’t make a conscious effort to divorce yourself from them, they can mess up your life.

So today I’m going to choose to officially break up with self-doubt. It will no longer have a hold on me. Anything and anyone fated to be in my life, will be there. I choose to let go of all my inner fears and doubts (I’ll let you know how that goes).

What negative emotions do you need to break up with?

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